Over 40 Fitness Ramblings with Bryan Krahn

Silverback Summit speaker Bryan Krahn chats about some of the simple, effective ways men can see results in their approach to training and nutrition. The basics still work very well when it comes to getting things done, and Bryan echoes that concept. He gives suggestions on how Dads and busy CEOs can optimize their time in and out of the gym and the realities that come with a new kid or busy schedule.

Guest: Bryan Krahn

Bryan Krahn is a personal trainer, fitness writer, blogger, and online physique coach who specializes in helping make ordinary bodies look incredible.

Bryan is also a “semi-serious physique athlete,” meaning that he enjoys building a lean, muscular, aesthetic body but stop short of competing. He builds his body for me — because he loves it, it’s healthy, and also helps make him a better coach.

Learn more about Bryan Krahn by visiting his website or following him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Host: Ali Gilbert

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