A Casual Conversation with Mike Ranfone & Ed McKay

I had a great time recording this podcast prior to moving to Florida with my good friends Mike Ranfone and Ed McKay. It's awesome to have transparent conversations amongst colleagues about changes in the fitness industry, programming, business, and life where so many people see it as this big competition. I hope you enjoy this episode, because it's only going to help others realize, “I could talk to my colleagues about topics like this, and people aren't going to think I'm trying to steal their clients, special programs or anything,” because we’re all in this together.
Guest: Mike Ranfone

As an athletic performance coach and consultant, Michael Ranfone knows that performance is rooted in the discipline of targeted behavior, consistently executed. For over 15 years, Mike has dedicated himself to improving the health, wellness, and performance of his clients, which include individuals, businesses, organizations, and collegiate and professional athletic teams.

Mike passes along scientific-based information to help you improve and empower you to take action. When you act differently, you think differently, and that proactive mindset is the key to your success.

Learn more about Mike by visiting his website and following him on Instagram.

Host: Ali Gilbert

Learn more about Ali and her services by visiting her website, or following her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Guest: Ed McKay

Ed McKay is the co-owner of The Fit Source, an online fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching business that specializes in working with the busy client that wants to maximize their fitness after 40.
Ed has a degree in Nutrition and Food Science with a concentration in Dietetics from Montclair State University. He started his career on the same typical path as a coach in a commercial gym, working his way to the role of Fitness Director, before starting his own training business. Ed owned Results Driven Fitness Systems in Monroe, NY from 2015-2020 until he “chose” to move his business online when the pandemic hit.
The silver lining of this thing we call 2020, was it allowed Ed to merge his passions for Coaching and Photography/Videography to create an immersive online training experience.
Ed suffers from a rare condition known as “resting bitch face” but is a huge fan of all things life. Outside of coaching, consulting, and fitness marketing, Ed spends every ounce of his free time with his family. Ed believes that if he can continue to learn, grow as a professional and human, and serve his community it will make him a better husband and father to his two amazing children.

Learn more about Ed by visiting his website, following him on Instagram, and following @FitSourceOnline on Instagram.

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