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The Truth About Cholesterol + How Your Heart Health Affects Your "Hardness" with Dr. Twyman

Dr. Twyman of Apollo Cardiology joined me on the podcast today to talk about the absolute best and truthful precautions you can take for cardiovascular health. We talked about how basic lipid panels are pretty much insignificant for predicting someone's true risk of a cardiovascular event. Dr. Twyman simplified complex topics surrounding markers of heart health and endothelial health. Most importantly he elucidated the connection between heart health and erectile dysfunction, something no man should have to deal with in their lifetime, and something that can be completely preventable if addressed in a timely manner. Lastly, we went through the most contemporary scan you can have that determines your true risk and ultimate peace of mind for your health.

Getting Photoshoot Lean + Other ADD Ramblings with Luke Leaman

Brought my brother from another mother Luke Leaman back on to discuss the process of getting photoshoot lean, and what his approach was for me in my recent photoshoot. Per normal we went off several tangents about random shit, but that is to be expected from us. You will just have to listen to us ramble :)

The Cost of Getting Lean: My Personal Journey Thus Far with Muscle Nerds Health Luke Leaman

So, it’s been a couple weeks shy of 3 years having the team at Muscle Nerds Health as my coach and it’s the best decision I’ve made for my personal health journey. I came to them eating an unsustainable 1100 calories, afraid of carbs and feeling my hopes of getting jacked and lean were a pipe dream. 3 years later and at 40 years old I am in the best shape of my life. There were moments of serious struggle and discomfort, but it was all worth it in the end, and it isn’t even the end because Luke will have to coach me until the end of time.

ADD or ADHD? And How Best to Navigate It with Dave Lee

Dave Lee is back, and we had an in-depth discussion around what ADD actually is and what it isn't. We touched on my own personal story of being diagnosed at 12 years old because my school called my mom to tell her I was rollerblading across the stage during play practice (shrugging emoji). I hope you guys enjoy this discussion and it provides some insight into the world of being ADD!

TRT, Mental Health, Boners & Estrogen with Justin Groce

TRT, Mental Health, Boners & Estrogen with Justin Groce

Life After the Military: Hormone Optimization & More with Nick Koumalatsos

There are many things not discussed when transitioning out of the military, one of those being the relationship of mental and physical health with hormones. Many operators or those who have spent time in combat come out with undiagnosed TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries) yet are given polypharmacy for the aftermath when what they might really need is hormone replacement. Nick and Ali discuss his 12-year career as a Marine, including the 7 stages of transitioning out of the military which he experienced and authored a book on. He goes into the questions Veterans should be asking and the type of healthcare they should be seeking out. This was a fun one and hopefully helps anyone struggling after their military career, or even in general.

Golf Fitness Fallacies, PGA Tour Insights & Training Female Athletes with Mitch Sadowsky

I brought my longtime friend Mitch Sadowsky on to discuss some of the differences in training programs for professional golfers vs recreational. Mitch trains Ian Poulter, so he gave us some insight into what he does for him vs his other clientele. Mitch also trains many female volleyball players and golfers, so we went into how training programs can be modified during certain phases of the female menstrual cycle, or as I like to call it "shark week".

Can Lifting Really Be a Substitute for Cardio? with Charlie Weingroff

I brought my hubby Charlie back on to discuss why wearing your HR monitor during a lifting session probably isn’t as accurate as your conditioning and why that matters, the definition of cardio, what someone’s personal definition is when it comes to their goal and what they are trying to do, what adaptation are they trying to accomplish, why external load may not be the most efficient way to change the morphology of the heart, eccentric and concentric heart, and more…

The Truth About TRT & Its Relationship to Prostate Cancer, Estrogen in Men & the Current State of Men’s Health with

Dr. Jordan Grant is one of the smartest leaders in men’s health I have ever met. As a urologist he is on the front-line handling men’s health issues daily, with many of them being the ever-controversial topic of prostate cancer. The approach to treating prostate cancer, interpreting PSA, and whether or not the use of testosterone replacement with active prostate cancer is an ever evolving one, with Dr. Grant being on the cutting edge of the most current research. Closing out Men’s Health Month, we dive deep into why it is ridiculous to worry about blood estrogen levels in men, what is the most intelligent approach to aging as a man, and the right questions one should ask if confronted with something like prostate cancer.

Men & Estrogen: The Truth with Gil

I brought Gil on to talk about one of the most highly debated topics in the TRT world: Estrogen. Why measuring estrogen in men is only useful to determine if they have a deficiency, why men NEED estrogen, and the detriments to blocking and/or suppressing it. Gil simplifies this very complex topic so that anyone who is met with resistance in their hormone treatment protocol can have an understanding and be an advocate for their own health. We coupled this with a discussion about why labs aren't as useful as the subjective data given by you, the individual.

Masculinity and The Modern Man's Role in Society with Dave Lee

I brought Dave on to discuss a topic that has been on my mind well over a couple years, and I finally found the right person to discuss it with. This topic being masculinity and the moderan Man's role in society. We took a deep dive as to why men are confused more than ever with how to act not only around women but as the best versions of themselves. We ended our chat discussing xenoestrogens and the role they have in "under androgenizing" men and some of the unconventional approaches to hormone replacement using different anabolics and why they can be beneficial

A Casual Conversation with Mike Ranfone & Ed McKay

I had a great time recording this podcast prior to moving to Florida with my good friends Mike Ranfone and Ed McKay. It's awesome to have transparent conversations amongst colleagues about changes in the fitness industry, programming, business, and life where so many people see it as this big competition. I hope you enjoy this episode, because it's only going to help others realize, “I could talk to my colleagues about topics like this, and people aren't going to think I'm trying to steal their clients, special programs or anything,” because we’re all in this together.

Go Sports Team with Charlie Weingroff

I brought my hubby back because IFYKYK, and there was something cool that happened last Sunday night. But also, he gives insight as to WHY he isn’t particularly vocal about what he does and with whom, and I have to say it’s hella respectful & one of the many reasons professionals in their industry trust him. From actors, professional athletes, & his local clientele, they all know the humility & selfless attitude that Charlie possesses is a rare trait these days. We followed that conversation up with some of the questions asked on my Instagram stories. I think you’ll enjoy it, and goooo sports team!

The 2021 Coach/Client Relationship with Alwyn Cosgrove: What is Different?

Whenever I have longtime friends on my podcast, I struggle to introduce them because I realize just how important they are to me. Alwyn Cosgrove is a household name in the fitness industry. As the owner of Results Fitness and Results University, he also holds the special title as my bridesman. In this episode we had a very open, honest conversation about how the role of a fitness professional has changed with the current state of the world. The skills required to stand out from the crowd aren't things taught in the gym. We talked speaking, program design, pricing yourself what you are worth, and how the coach and client relationship has changed. We wrapped up by talking about how coaches need coaches, and by not wanting to hire someone to overlook your own training/nutrition, it shows you maybe don't believe in your own product. We discuss the importance of that.

Don't Do It for the T-Shirt with Charlie Weingroff

My most special guest ever! (No, I am not referring to Josh Brolin aka Thanos in the promo photo). On this episode of the AliDoisWin Podcast: The love of my life! 😍 Those of you who have grown up in the industry following Charlie know some of the things he has been involved in & people he has worked with: the NBA, Nike, Omegawave, Oura Ring, WWE superstars, MARSOC, FMS, Premier League soccer, MLB, NHL, NFL, & many others. To many, however, it is still somewhat a mystery what EXACTLY Charlie does. Well, I wanted him to give an overview of what it means to be Charlie Weingroff, his role with the people & teams you see on the gram, what is it about Disney and how he is really just a big teddy bear. Tune in to hear a different side of Chuck Wagon!

Diet Culture: What "They" Say... and Why It Might Just Be Wrong.

Who are “they”, anyway? “They say protein causes cancer” “They say coffee is bad” “They say cut carbs to lose weight” People are constantly referring to “they”. We all know that “they” are Netflix documentaries, click bait articles on the #fakenews internet, fitspo accounts with people posing as experts in the nutrition + fitness realm. Enough with “they”! I brought my friend Mike Gorski on the podcast to discuss all the myths and misconceptions that the general public loves to cling to when it comes to nutrition. Mike is both an RD (one who understands athletes) and a strength coach, and I love his honest attitude when it comes to delivering accurate facts. We have some fun telling stories of what we have both been told and what others have said “they” have said. Hope you enjoy!

Demystifying Women's Cycle Health & Post-Birth Control Concerns with Sam Miller

I brought my good and literally little (but more jacked) brother from another mother Sam Miller on the podcast as he is one of the most intelligent coaches I know when it comes to hormones. Though we could have talked for hours on end on various topics, I wanted to zero in on a massively misunderstood topic: Women's cycle health. There is a lot of controversy out there when it comes to birth control and what a healthy menstrual cycle actually looks like. Sam breaks it down for you in a very simplified and digestible way.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Their Lady Parts with Heidi Gastler

Ever wonder why before surgery people are advised to strengthen certain musculature in order to prepare for their recovery? Yet, we don't often hear about women being advised to prepare for probably the most athletic traumatic event their body will experience in a lifetime: childbirth. Why is that? Ali brought on one of her best friends and pelvic floor physical therapist Dr. Heidi Gastler on the show to talk about just that. Heidi goes into great detail about what EXACTLY happens to a woman's vag area during childbirth, the importance of preparing the body for this but also the gravity of "rehabbing" the body post-partum, and even how women who pee during exercise can benefit from some of these same approaches. It is eye opening and insightful information that everyone who plans on having a baby should seek to understand.

Uncensored: TRT & Hormone Optimization with Danny Bossa

Ali and Danny go into a deep dive discussion about some of the most common myths & misconceptions surrounding Testosterone Replacement Therapy, with a big emphasis on the use of estrogen blockers in men, why men need estrogen and how crucial it is to their health and well-being. The candor of this discussion is appreciable since both Danny and Ali are not medical professionals yet surround themselves with the top hormone optimization physicians in the world. I hope you enjoy this discussion as I had a blast interviewing Danny.

The Metabolic Toggles with Jade Teta: How We Can Make Our Physiology Work FOR Us When It Comes to Fat Loss

We hear the word "metabolism" all the time, but what exactly is it? How does it work? Why should we care? We are told it works like a calculator, but it actually works more like a thermostat. It is a barometer for the stresses we bring upon our physiology and that affects our body's ability to burn or store fat. Our metabolism is not a static number, it is constantly adapting and reacting. Ali brings on longtime friend Dr. Jade Teta on the show to discuss ways in which we can toggle the metabolism to make it work in our favor, without having to crash diet or do anything that will yield long term damage. Jade created the concept of the “metabolic toggles” and explains it in such a simplistic way for everyone to understand. This episode is full of awesome gems to take away in regard to how our bodies work

Prostate Cancer & Health: The Truth Behind One of the Most Controversial Men’s Health Topics with Ralph Esposito

1 in 9 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. The good news? It’s not something men will likely die FROM, but will die WITH. I brought my friend Dr Ralph Esposito on the podcast because he is the first person I thought of when addressing everything prostate. November is Men’s Health Awareness Month and a large part of that is prostate related. In this episode Ralph, discusses the truths surrounding the proper testing, diagnosis and treatment when it comes to prostate cancer. Controversial topics such as testosterone and even estrogen therapy, androgen deprivation therapy, questions one should be asking, how many opinions to seek, and why having a high PSA score isn’t always something to stress out about. If you have joined the no shave November movement, if you know someone with prostate cancer or if you are a man, you will benefit from this episode!

You Can’t Handle the Truth with Thom Plummer & Ed McKay

If you haven’t been told exactly what you NEED to hear, you haven’t met Thom Plummer. Ali is joined by a special co-host Ed McKay as they discuss how their careers evolved under the guidance of their ever-honest coach. This is an intimate, introspective discussion about where our industry is today, the mistakes many coaches make when it comes to their branding & product delivery, and the honest truth about what it REALLY takes to be a phenomenal coach, especially remotely.

Why We Got Our Breast Implants Out

Breast Implant Illness, or BII, is one of the hottest topics in plastic surgery today. The FDA has finally issued a black box warning on breast implants. And now, many women have undergone breast implant removal due to their bodies’ response to them. Ali and her best friend & bridesmaid Jilly Reville are included in those women. Together they tell their story (Jilly for the first time publicly) of what they experienced when they got sick, why they had them removed, and what to be aware of if you are considering breast implants.

Fighting to Stay a Half Step Ahead with Ed McKay

Ali and Ed McKay have an in-depth conversation of lessons learned in the last 10 years, the importance of mentors, why it’s okay to be resistant to change at first, but more importantly why you should so you can stay a half step ahead.

Why Most People Fail with Ben Brown

Consistency is hard, training is hard. Nutrition is hard. It is all hard, but the application and execution can be made easier when you have the right direction & support. Ben and Ali discuss what they have seen throughout their years in the field, observations they’ve made regarding client success and failures, and how acknowledging that doing something a certain way may not be the best way even though it is what you know to be true. This is a fantastic conversation as it is two friends being open honest and transparent with each other.

The Truth about Cholesterol, Heart Disease & Testosterone with Sam Madeira

To this day, people are advised to avoid eating eggs because of the cholesterol content and put on drugs if their total cholesterol goes over 200. Listen as Dr. Sam Madeira & Ali discuss why this misinformation still circulates, what you REALLY need to be aware of when it comes to cardio metabolic numbers, and why the big scare of testosterone causing heart attacks is false.

Playing the Long Game with Luke Leaman

Building your physique & health take time. Lots of time spent eating, training, recovering, and monitoring consistently. Ali & Muscle Nerds Founder Luke Leaman discuss the importance of aerobic work for fat loss & fitness, why it is crucial to follow and not modify the program your coach puts together for you, the truth behind online training & Instagram transformations, and what it really takes to become a successful coach. Also, learn the one secret that Luke & Ali have used to handle stress with the scale - you're going to want to use it yourself & with your clients today!

The Truth Behind PCOS, Birth Control & Autoimmunity: What Conventional Medicine Doesn't Cover with Justin Janoska

PCOS, Hashimotos, Autoimmune disorders. All terms that conventionally "diagnose" someone with a label that they wear as the rest of their life. What if we told you it didn't have to be that way? What if you didn't have to suffer for as long as you have, at the level that you have? This honest and open conversation with Justin and Ali provides insight into what exactly these medical terms mean, what can be done about them and how the path to healing may be the exact opposite of what you have come to know as true.

An Open Conversation About Steroids & PEDs with JL Holdsworth

There is a lot of misinformation out there surrounding the topic of steroids and PED's (Performance Enhancing Drugs). Specifically what is the definition of each, how is it different from hormone replacement therapy, and how risky is it if someone decides to dabble into that world. Ali hosts renowned coach & world champion powerlifter JL Holdsworth to discuss the raw, uncensored truth surrounding the intricacies of steroids and PEDs. We know there will definitely be a Part 2!

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