Masculinity and The Modern Man's Role in Society with Dave Lee

I brought Dave on to discuss a topic that has been on my mind well over a couple years, and I finally found the right person to discuss it with. This topic being masculinity and the moderan Man's role in society. We took a deep dive as to why men are confused more than ever with how to act not only around women but as the best versions of themselves. We ended our chat discussing xenoestrogens and the role they have in "under androgenizing" men and some of the unconventional approaches to hormone replacement using different anabolics and why they can be beneficial
Guest: Dave Lee
Dave is a holistic health coach specialising in male health and well-being, with a particular interest in hormone optimisation therapy, masculine psychology and performance. Dave also has a background and strong interest in plant medicine, neuropsychiatry and genetics, working with clients to become the best men they can be from a holistic approach.

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Host: Ali Gilbert
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