Prostate Cancer & Health: The Truth Behind One of the Most Controversial Men’s Health Topics with Ralph Esposito

1 in 9 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetime. The good news? It’s not something men will likely die FROM, but will die WITH. I brought my friend Dr Ralph Esposito on the podcast because he is the first person I thought of when addressing everything prostate. November is Men’s Health Awareness Month and a large part of that is prostate related. In this episode Ralph, discusses the truths surrounding the proper testing, diagnosis and treatment when it comes to prostate cancer. Controversial topics such as testosterone and even estrogen therapy, androgen deprivation therapy, questions one should be asking, how many opinions to seek, and why having a high PSA score isn’t always something to stress out about. If you have joined the no shave November movement, if you know someone with prostate cancer or if you are a man, you will benefit from this episode!
Guest: Ralph Esposito

Dr. Esposito is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist and functional medicine practitioner specializing in integrative urology and endocrinology with a hyper-focus on men’s health. His precise and personalized style to. medicine utilizes a systems biology and precision-medicine approach.

In addition to advising as a peer reviewer for medical journals, he has authored several medical textbook chapters and has designed education modules for health professionals specifically on urological conditions, male and female hormone dysfunction, hypogonadism, exercise, men’s health and sexual dysfunction.

Ralph completed part of his training at NYU Integrative and Functional Urology Center. He holds a position as adjunct professor at New York University where he lectures on integrative medicine.

Learn more about Ralph by visiting his website or following him on Instagram and Twitter.

Host: Ali Gilbert

Learn more about Ali and her services by visiting her website, or following her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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