Golf Fitness Fallacies, PGA Tour Insights & Training Female Athletes with Mitch Sadowsky

I brought my longtime friend Mitch Sadowsky on to discuss some of the differences in training programs for professional golfers vs recreational. Mitch trains Ian Poulter, so he gave us some insight into what he does for him vs his other clientele. Mitch also trains many female volleyball players and golfers, so we went into how training programs can be modified during certain phases of the female menstrual cycle, or as I like to call it "shark week".
Guest: Mitch Sadowsky
Mitch Sadowsky, a coach at Coastal Performance and owner of Mitch11 Strength & Performance, works with a variety of athletes from amateur and professional golfers to professional and high school age volleyball players to assess movement and develop mobility, strength and speed programs consistent with the goals and needs of the individual.

A member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, some of Mitch’s clients include and have included PGA touring professionals Ian Poulter, Graeme McDowell, and Hank Lebioda, LPGA member Anne Van Dam. Mitch’s team strength training clients have included the TamilNadu (India) Volleyball Federation, Tribe Volleyball Club, Wellington Volleyball Academy, MOJO Volleyball Club, Developmental Volleyball Academy, Olympia High School, Henry Brunton Golf Academy, and numerous athletes that have earned college athletic scholarships while strength training in his programs.

A graduate of Ball State University, Mitch competed on the Men’s Volleyball team (1995-1998) and has also been an NCAA assistant coach at his alma mater, as well Georgetown University and Florida State University and worked extensively with USA Volleyball as a lead evaluator. He left college coaching in 2008 to pursue a career in strength training. He continues to coach volleyball as a lead instructor for GoldMedalSquared and HITT Volleyball (Canada).

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Host: Ali Gilbert
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