What Every Woman Needs to Know About Their Lady Parts with Heidi Gastler

Ever wonder why before surgery people are advised to strengthen certain musculature in order to prepare for their recovery? Yet, we don't often hear about women being advised to prepare for probably the most athletic traumatic event their body will experience in a lifetime: childbirth. Why is that? Ali brought on one of her best friends and pelvic floor physical therapist Dr. Heidi Gastler on the show to talk about just that. Heidi goes into great detail about what EXACTLY happens to a woman's vag area during childbirth, the importance of preparing the body for this but also the gravity of "rehabbing" the body post-partum, and even how women who pee during exercise can benefit from some of these same approaches. It is eye opening and insightful information that everyone who plans on having a baby should seek to understand.
Guest: Heidi Gastler

Dr. Heidi Gastler, PT, DPT founded Mountain to Sea PT in 2016 - an LA-based physical therapy practice specializing in orthopedic and pelvic health physical therapy. She believes the pelvic floor is essential to holistic treatment of the body (regardless of age or gender), and she is striving to normalize conversations and education regarding pelvic health issues including pain with sex, incontinence, athletic performance, and more.

Heidi is a Herman and Wallace trained pelvic floor therapist, a Level 3 Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Medical Professional and Fitness Instructor, SFMA certified, and has completed extensive continuing education courses for spinal rehabilitation, myofascial release/decompression, postural restoration, RockTape® and Graston Technique® instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization.

A lifelong adventurer, she believes in pushing herself and her patients beyond the limits. She enjoys spending her free time either on or under the water, prone paddling or scuba diving, and keeps fit by hefting stones and flipping tires at a local Strongman gym.

She believes life should be lived and aims to arm her patients with what they need to achieve their physical goals.

Learn more about Heidi by visiting her website or following her on Instagram.

Host: Ali Gilbert

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