The 2021 Coach/Client Relationship with Alwyn Cosgrove: What is Different?

Whenever I have longtime friends on my podcast, I struggle to introduce them because I realize just how important they are to me. Alwyn Cosgrove is a household name in the fitness industry. As the owner of Results Fitness and Results University, he also holds the special title as my bridesman. In this episode we had a very open, honest conversation about how the role of a fitness professional has changed with the current state of the world. The skills required to stand out from the crowd aren't things taught in the gym. We talked speaking, program design, pricing yourself what you are worth, and how the coach and client relationship has changed. We wrapped up by talking about how coaches need coaches, and by not wanting to hire someone to overlook your own training/nutrition, it shows you maybe don't believe in your own product. We discuss the importance of that.
Guest: Alwyn Cosgrove
Alwyn Cosgrove is co-owner of Results Fitness in Santa Clarita, California--twice named one of the top ten gyms in America by Men's Health and Women's Health magazines. In addition to their gym, he and his wife, Rachel, are also owners of a fitness professional consulting company, Results Fitness University.

Learn more about Alwyn by visiting his website or following him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Host: Ali Gilbert
Learn more about Ali and her services by visiting her website or following her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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