The Truth About TRT & Its Relationship to Prostate Cancer, Estrogen in Men & the Current State of Men’s Health with

Dr. Jordan Grant is one of the smartest leaders in men’s health I have ever met. As a urologist he is on the front-line handling men’s health issues daily, with many of them being the ever-controversial topic of prostate cancer. The approach to treating prostate cancer, interpreting PSA, and whether or not the use of testosterone replacement with active prostate cancer is an ever evolving one, with Dr. Grant being on the cutting edge of the most current research. Closing out Men’s Health Month, we dive deep into why it is ridiculous to worry about blood estrogen levels in men, what is the most intelligent approach to aging as a man, and the right questions one should ask if confronted with something like prostate cancer.
Guest: Jordan Grant
Dr. Jordan Grant is a general urologist in Paris, TX with a special interest in testosterone replacement. He graduated Texas Tech Medical School in 2011, with a Residency in Urology in 2016 from Baylor Scott & White. Dr. Grant is married and has one dog Maggie. In his spare time, Dr. Grant enjoys lifting weights, photography, hiking, and teasing through academic literature.

Host: Ali Gilbert
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