An Open Conversation About Steroids & PEDs with JL Holdsworth

There is a lot of misinformation out there surrounding the topic of steroids and PED's (Performance Enhancing Drugs). Specifically what is the definition of each, how is it different from hormone replacement therapy, and how risky is it if someone decides to dabble into that world. Ali hosts renowned coach & world champion powerlifter JL Holdsworth to discuss the raw, uncensored truth surrounding the intricacies of steroids and PEDs. We know there will definitely be a Part 2!
Guest: JL Holdsworth

JL Holdsworth resides in Columbus, OH, where he originally moved to train at Westside Barbell, and has three children aged 5,9 and 14. 

With over 30,000 hours of practical coaching experience and competition best lifts of a 905 lb. squat, 775 lb. bench press, and an 804 lb. deadlift, JL is no doubt one of the strongest and most experienced strength and conditioning coaches in the industry. 
He is a world champion powerlifter, international speaker and former University of Kentucky strength and conditioning coach. JL has been featured in many fitness related magazines including Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Health and T-Nation. 
In 2010 he founded The Spot Athletics and has built that small private training facility into two 20,000sq. ft. locations in the Columbus, OH area. Along with his facilities, JL is the Co-Founder of Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), a system of daily self-care techniques that allow people to perform at their best by controlling their nervous system. RPR is used by many professional sports and special operations military units around the world.

Learn more about JL by visiting his website or following him on Instagram.

Host: Ali Gilbert

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